3 Reasons You Should Add Rear Seats to Your Golf Cart

3 Reasons You Should Add Rear Seats to Your Golf Cart

April 22nd 2022

We’ve said it on this blog before, but the absolute best aspect of owning your very own golf cart is the opportunity you have for making modifications. If you’re someone who spends lots of time driving a golf cart, whether on the links or out on the town, you want a vehicle that provides you with all the comforts of your standard car.

There’s no end to the customizations you can choose from, and each option greatly increases the driving and riding experience for you and your passengers. Speaking ofpassengers, here are three reasons you should add rear seats to your golf cart.

Fun for Friends and Family

Most obviously, installing rear seats into your golf cart allows more room for your friends and family! If activities like golfing or hunting are a family affair, having that extra space means you can comfortably (and safely) bring everyone along for unforgettable experiences.

For cart owners who use their rides as alternative transportation methods across a small community, extra seats mean you can enjoy a day out without leaving anyone behind or taking multiple trips. Our custom rear seats offer superior comfort by featuring quality cushions, sturdy footrests, and solid arm bars for safety.

Superior Storage

While golf carts are excellent alternative transportation options, they lack something nearly every car has—a trunk! Using your cart for errands becomes tricky when you don’t have space to store your items. Now, rear seats are obviously not trunks, but they do provide an extra storage area for securing larger and heavy items.

You can even flip down the seats themselves and use that surface for carrying more golf equipment, hunting gear, or anything else you need to transport. Our rear seat products are even compatible with our storage and cooler box attachment for even more flexibility.

Added Value

Like any other type of vehicle, golf carts are an investment into an asset. And also, like other vehicles, that asset fluctuates in value quite erratically. Golf carts don’t depreciate as drastically as standard automobiles, but they’re worth more when they have nicer amenities.

If you look to one day upgrade your ride and sell off your old one, the addition of rear seats might help you sell your cart for more. Custom seat installations aren’t just helpful in the moment; they can increase the overall value of your asset in the long run.

By knowing the three reasons you should add rear seats to your golf cart, you customize your ride to make it more enjoyable for you and your passengers. Plus, it might even make you some extra money if you choose to sell later on. We at ProFormX carry high-quality modifications, such as our custom golf cart wheels, to ensure your coach is perfect for your needs.