5 Golf Cart Upgrades That Will Make Your Friends Jealous

5 Golf Cart Upgrades That Will Make Your Friends Jealous

May 17th 2022

The best aspect of owning a golf cart is the opportunity for modifications. Parts are readily available, easy to install, and affordable. Plus, a high-performance, customized carts offer a far superior driving experience and more versatility as a transportation method. If you’re looking to inject some flair into your personal coach, here are five golf cart upgrades that will make your friends jealous.

Boosted Lights

Upgraded lights look cool on any type of vehicle. Plus, they offer more visibility and safety when you’re driving in low-light situations, which is important if you use your cart for activities outside of golf. Custom lights are very simple to install and provide results instantly, and there are many options on the market to choose from.

More Power

Basic golf carts are fun to drive, but they don’t pack a punch in the power department. Most are fueled by electricity, but the batteries they use often lack in performance. The solution? A more powerful battery, charger, and controller! Up the voltage by 12 to 24V to increase speed and torque.

Lift Kit

Some people use golf carts for hunting and even off-roading. They’ll typically install lift kits to ensure the rugged terrain doesn’t damage their carts. This provides extra ground clearance to avoid debris and obstacles. Additionally, lifting your ride means more space for larger, more capable tires. Even if you keep your cart solely on the links, a lift kit offers more stability and comfort when you’re driving and turning.

Versatile Tires and Larger Wheels

Off-roading and hunting golf carts don’t just need lift kits to successfully handle rougher environments and surfaces—they also require all- or specific-terrain tires on bigger wheels. If you take your golf cart into rocky areas, you’ll want more capable treads and larger tires and wheels. Luckily, these modifications are very common and easy to install.

More Seating

If you want more space for storage or plan to bring along many passengers on your ride, you’ll want to install more seating. These additions will certainly make your friends envious of your spacious, comfortable golf cart. We offer a club car rear flip seat that allows space for more people, provides better comfort, and even adds storage versatility.

If you really want to make your coach personal and unique, consider these five golf cart upgrades that will make your friends jealous. We offer many of these products here at ProFormX for all your modification needs!