5 Safe Driving Tips for Operating Your Golf Cart

5 Safe Driving Tips for Operating Your Golf Cart

October 18th 2021

A golf cart can have many practical uses, both on and off the course, but it’s essential to keep in mind some safe driving tips for operating your golf cart. Like any other vehicle, improper use can result in damage to your cart or injury to yourself and passengers. Know what to do before you put your foot on the pedal of your cart to ensure you and your passengers have a safe ride.

Keep Arms and Legs Inside the Cart

Just like in a roller coaster, make sure you keep all your limbs inside the vehicle at all times. It’s easy to forget how fast your cart travels and the different hazards on the road, each one posing a potential problem.

Letting your feet or hands hang out to catch the breeze is almost a natural compulsion, but one that can prove dangerous in the worst-case scenarios. Don’t get caught off-guard by a random branch or metal pole; colliding with anything can cause serious bodily injury.

Adjust Driving to Weather and Road Conditions

The weather can change on a dime, and it’s critical you adjust your driving patterns just as quickly. Going from a dry, sunny day to heavy rainfall requires a drop in speed and careful maneuvering, or else you risk vehicular collisions.

Keep the weather in mind and be aware of any expected changes later in the day; getting caught in a sudden weather shift can endanger you and risk wrecking your cart.

Never Drive Under the Influence

It’s easy to view a cart like it’s a kind of toy, something to play around with and not take seriously, but it can be just as dangerous as any car. And like any other car, you should not operate it while under the influence.

Altering your mental state and limiting your reaction time will lead to dangerous situations for yourself, your passengers, and any other motorists you meet along the way. Always have a clear mind when taking your cart for a ride; treat it the same as you would a two-ton car.

Adhere to Passenger Capacity

One of the most important safe driving tips for a golf cart is to always follow the passenger capacity for the vehicle. Overloading it with passengers can unbalance the weight distribution, and double seating passengers can increase the danger of crashes.

Luckily, there are aftermarket golf cart accessories to increase the capacity of riders on your cart, eliminating the danger of over-filling your vehicle. Never transport more than your golf cart can carry; it may take more time, but make multiple trips if you need to carry a large number of passengers.

Be Smart

You need to treat a golf cart like any other vehicle, whether you drive it on a course or on the road. Treat it as though it is as dangerous as a four-door sedan but know that it is far more vulnerable than one. This will help you protect others when you’re behind the wheel and keep you safe from others while operating your cart.