5 Tips for Making Your Golf Cart Rear Seats Safer

5 Tips for Making Your Golf Cart Rear Seats Safer

February 3rd 2022

The perks of owning your very own golf cart are endless, especially when it comes to customizations. Modifications to your cart can improve its durability, performance, riding experience, and, most importantly, the safety of yourself and others.

When you load up the cart with friends and family, everyone must get to their destination in one piece! Here are ProFormX's five tips for making your golf cart rear seats safer for passengers.

Add Seat Belts

Seat belts have been a requirement in all cars since 1968 due to rising automobile injuries and fatalities. For other modes of transportation, the need for harnesses is less defined. Some, if not most, people driving golf carts overlook the need for an extra strap of protection.

However, seat belts are vital for a cart like any other vehicle, especially for younger children. Consider adding safety harnesses to your rear seats to avoid accidents like passengers falling. If you use your golf cart as a primary source of transportation, you should have seat belts for every single seat.

Install a Grab Bar

Sometimes, the road, or even the golf course, becomes rocky. Passengers are more likely to slide around and potentially fall off the cart when there’s rougher terrain. Grab bars attach to the middle of the rear parts of your golf cart and offer extra stability for your friends and family.

They're essential for sharp turns and steep inclines, as well. Lastly, grab bars help passengers load into your golf cart. So consider this addition if you have less agile guests riding with you.

Use Side Panels

Most rear seats have metal armrests that offer more comfort, and more importantly, better security. However, these rests aren't always enough to prevent accidents, especially with small children.

Side panels close the gap between the cart's frame and armrest, meaning nothing can fall through that space. They further add an extra boost of stability during sharp turns and moments on steep hills. As a bonus, side panels help keep personal items, such as purses, in the golf cart and not on the street!

Get Custom Seats

The main benefit of owning a golf cart is the ability to make specific modifications that meet your needs. While the addition of safety harnesses and added support help with stability, going with completely custom seating allows for the best protection.

ProFormX offers quality golf cart rear seats with sturdy footrests and helpful armrests. Plus, custom seats provide more personalized comfortability, which increases the riding experience for everyone.

Practice Safe Driving

There's a limit to the amount of protective gear you can slap onto your golf cart. The absolute best way to maintain every passenger's safety on the cart is to practice safe driving. This means taking turns slowly, cruising over rough terrain, and avoiding obvious road hazards.

Furthermore, your passengers should also be respectful and always keep their bodies in the vehicle. Most importantly, never drink and drive when operating your golf cart!

Use these five tips for making your golf cart rear sears safer to ensure everyone makes it to the destination exactly as they came. Browse our quality collection of custom parts and additions for all your golf cart needs!