Get Your Golf Cart Ready for Spring With These 3 Tips

Get Your Golf Cart Ready for Spring With These 3 Tips

March 21st 2022

There are plenty of practical reasons to have your very own personalized coach. Perhaps you wanted to frequent the local golf course nearly every day, or you wanted an affordable way to drive around a small community. Either way, you may be excited to use your golf cart more as spring rolls around.

We’re quickly approaching warmer months, and it’s time to start preparing your ride. If you correctly winterized your cart, you likely won’t have any issues. Still, it’s time to get your golf cart ready for spring with these three tips.

Fire Up the Battery

Regardless of whether you have gas- or electric-powered systems, your battery is the lifeblood of your vehicle. It controls nearly all aspects of your ride and is one of the most expensive components to replace.

Flip the ignition and see if your battery is strong and running. If not, give it a full recharge and water it if the plates are exposed. Most, if not all, batteries have built-in water systems. It’s essential to maintain a healthy level of fluids within your parts, especially if the cart has been sitting dormant for a long time.

Fill Up the Tires

Flat tires hinder the performance of your golf cart; the reduced traction means your battery works harder for inferior results. Consider purchasing an electric pump, as it’s easier to ensure adequately inflated tires with one.

Never exceed the PSI limit listed on the vehicle! Remember that turf tires wear more than street-graded ones and may cause more issues when you take the cart off the links.

Test the Brakes, Buzzer, and Steering

The last steps involve ensuring every system and part on your cart works appropriately. First, manipulate the steering wheel side to side. If it feels unusually loose, you need to tighten it. Try backing up the cart and listen for the buzzer noise.

If it’s faint or nonexistent, get this feature fixed immediately to keep yourself and others safe. Lastly, lightly depress your brakes to feel for looseness and listen for squealing. If either of these issues is present, seek immediate professional help unless you have specialized knowledge for replacing pads.

You can get your golf cart ready for spring with these three tips. If you really want to upgrade your ride for the new season, you should consider ProFormX’s quality golf cart lift kits and other accessories.