Quick Facts About the Different Types of Golf Cart Lift Kits

Quick Facts About the Different Types of Golf Cart Lift Kits

March 2nd 2022

Here at ProFormX, we offer quality golf cart modifications for many different brands and models. One customization many of our customers enjoy is installing one of our lift kits. There are many benefits to implementing these features, and the process is quite easy. Here are some quick facts about the different types of golf cart lift kits for your convenience.

But First, the Benefits

Why are lift kits so helpful for golf cart owners? For starters, they help increase your ground clearance. This is important for individuals who take their coaches into rougher terrains.

For more casual drivers, a lifted cart offers more stability and allows for larger tires. Even the slightest lift makes a world of difference for you and your passengers.

KINGZILLA Super HD 6” Double A-Arm Kingpin Lift Kit

We carry two KINGZILLA Super HD 6” Double A-Arm Kingpin models. SKU: 60-101-KP fits the following brands: Club Car Precedent, Onward, and Tempo (2004 and up). SKU: 60-202-KP is compatible with the E-Z-Go RXV Electric (2008-2015) and Gas (2008-1013.5).

Both versions raise your ground clearance by six inches, offering a superior riding experience. The kit eliminates the use for heim joints and includes front shocks to help reduce stress. This lift allows for 23” wheels and significantly decreases steering effort.

6” HD Double A-Arm Lift Kit

Our three models of the standard 6” HD Double A-Arm lift kits are very similar to the KINGZILLA brand, and they’re compatible with many different carts. SKU: 60-202-HD fits the E-Z-Go RXV (2008-2013), SKU: 60-101-HD works with the Club Car Precedent (2004 and up), and SKU:60-301-HD is compatible with the Yamaha G29 and Drive (2007-2016).

Much like the KINGZILLA brand, these kits give you superior ground clearance and better overall control. They’re highly durable and can easily handle off-roading. Additionally, the grease fittings on all pivot points make for a smooth ride.

5” Drop Axle Lift Kit

Our 5” Drop Axle lift kit is perfect for cart owners looking for a minor but effective upgrade. It adds five inches of ground clearance and allows for 23” wheels.

It’s a great option for electric coaches, as SKU:60-201 is compatible with the E-Z-Go TXT (2001.5 and up). The included spindles and durable powder coat finish help keep this modification in good condition for many years to come.

These quick facts about the different types of golf cart lift kits will help you make the perfect purchase. Modifying your golf cart with a lift kit offers more than just stability and longevity. These installations allow for more customizations, like our E-Z-Go golf cart back seat products or high-quality wheels.