Yamaha Drive G29 Clutch Update Kit

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If your G29 has the older TEAM clutches (2007-2012.5) you will need to update it to the newer style clutches. The TEAM clutches were plagued with issues and are no longer sold by Yamaha. Some would even say they were the worst mistake in Yamaha golf cart history.

This Yamaha Drive G29 YDRA clutch update kit comes with everything you need to update your clutches to the new style FBT clutches. You will need a TEAM clutch puller to remove your old primary clutch. We do recommend you grease the spines on the transaxle shaft before installing the new secondary clutch. You will also need to apply 1 or 2 pumps of grease to the zerk on each clutch before installation, then grease every time you change engine oil or at least once per year.

Clutch Alignment - You do need to check your clutch alignment after installing these clutches. It's pretty common to have to slide the engine as far towards the fuel tank as you can. Just loosen the 4 engine mounting nuts and the 1 muffler mounting nut. Then slide the engine towards the fuel tank as far as it will go. 

*NEW - Aftermarket primary clutch option. Due to the big price increase on OEM primary clutches, we have sourced a good quality AFTERMARKET primary clutch option. So far, we have been very pleased with the quality and performance of these aftermarket primary clutches. They are an identical design to the OEM clutch with the only difference being they require a different puller tool if you ever needed to remove it. Lifespan of the aftermarket vs OEM clutch is yet to be determined as we have only had these in testing for a couple months. These aftermarket clutches have allowed us to give you a more economical option when updating to the new style FBT clutches. 

Included in kit:

  • Aftermarket Primary Clutch
  • OEM 6 Rivet Secondary Clutch
  • Severe Duty Drive Belt
  • All needed hardware 

If you are wanting to get more low end torque and hill climbing power, we can install a stiffer "torque" spring in your new secondary clutch before shipping it out to you. This would make it our "Stage 1" clutch performance kit. Just select YES from the menu.