IMAP Policy

To maintain fair competition, protect the value of our products, and ensure a level playing field for all dealers, we are introducing the following Internet Minimum Advertised Pricing (IMAP) policy for ProFormX products. This policy outlines the guidelines and expectations for advertising and promoting our products.

IMAP retail price is the suggested retail price shown on each product page with the strikethrough. 

1. Definition of Minimum Advertised Price (IMAP): The Internet Minimum Advertised Price (IMAP) is the lowest price at which a seller is allowed to advertise a product anywhere online. This includes all forms of promotional and advertising materials online. 

2. IMAP Enforcement: Sellers must adhere to the established IMAP for each product. Failure to comply with IMAP may result in consequences, including but not limited to warnings or account suspension.

3. IMAP Exclusions: The IMAP policy applies to advertised prices only and does not dictate the actual selling price. Sellers are free to determine their own selling prices, but they are not allowed to advertise prices below the established IMAP.

4. Advertising Channels Covered: The IMAP policy covers all forms of advertising, including but not limited to product listings on your dealer website, online advertisements, online marketplaces, social media promotions, email marketing, and printed materials.

5. Bundled Products and Discounts: Sellers may offer discounts or bundle products as long as the advertised price for the individual product does not fall below the established IMAP. The IMAP applies to the advertised price of each individual product.

6. Periodic IMAP Updates: Power Equipment Man reserves the right to periodically review and update IMAP for products. It is the dealers responsibility to monitor the PEM Dealer website for retail price changes and adjust their prices accordingly. 

7. Enforcement Process: In the event of a IMAP violation, Power Equipment Man will follow a progressive enforcement process, including: a. Warning: Sellers will be issued a written warning for the first offense. b. Dealer Account Suspension - dealer will no longer be able to purchase products from PEM Dealer.

8. Reporting IMAP Violations: Users who identify IMAP violations by other sellers are encouraged to report them promptly to Power Equipment Man administrators for investigation. Reports will be kept confidential, and whistleblowers will be protected.