Yamaha Primary Clutch Puller

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Best clutch pullers you can buy. Don't waste your money on cheap pullers that bend and strip. These pullers are needed to remove your primary clutch from the engine. We sell 3 different pullers, please visually verify which clutch you have before placing your order!

FBT Puller:

  • 2012.5-2024 Drive1 and Drive2 with OEM FBT primary clutch
  • 1979-2006 gas 4-stroke models
  • 2019-2024 UMAX all gas models
  • DOES NOT FIT 2007-2012.5 Drive1 with TEAM clutch

TEAM Puller:

  • 2007-2012.5 Drive1 with TEAM clutch

Clone FBT Puller:

  • Fits most aftermarket (clone) FBT clutches
  • The easiest way to identify if your FBT clutch is a clone is to count the number of screws that hold the cover on. If it has 3 screws it is probably an OEM FBT clutch. If it has 6 screws it is probably an aftermarket clone FBT clutch.